Twitter user Saag Jaan has gone viral with her ‘checklist’  for couples to think about before getting married.

The response to her Twitter thread has been huge, with hundreds of thousands of people liking the post.

“This is AMAZING advice” praised one person.

“I seriously love this!” wrote another.

Check out a selection of some of the advice offered below…

Talk about DEBT

FULLY and WILLINGLY committing to one another. No “im not sure” and “what if’s” and “its not the right time.” you are either in or you’re OUT.

When/how many kids yall want

Talk about your 5-10 year timeline regarding career/education.

Levels of religiosity. Do you share fundamental CORE beliefs about life?

Anger managements issues: do one of you struggle?

Finances: how do you intend on splitting bills?

Social media: believe it or not, people WILL break up over this. Some prefer privacy. Some not.

I mentioned this before, but SAVINGS. How much do y’all have earned & combined? How much is your intended salaries?

What are your dying wishes? Death? Speak it. Speak on all of it.

Importantly, LOVE is not what keeps relationships going. An active commitment to LOVE, despite the downfalls, keeps it going.

whaiāipo(verb) to be in love with.