workers cleaning out a long drop toilet in the Flathead National Forest in Montana USA said they found a “poo-soaked phone” at the bottom of the long drop and were supersized to discover it still works.

Tracy Kau of A-1 Sanitation said he and his team were cleaning out the tank of the vault toilet near Holland Lake when he spotted the iPhone 11 Pro at the bottom.

“I was kind of in shock. I was like ‘Whoa, there’s a phone,'” Kau told USA TV. “We tried to not just suck it up or whatever, and then we went to get the grabbers. We have some grabbers that can grab like bottles and stuff, Cody grabbed it out.”

Kau and his teammates, Cody Evert and Tanner Stevenson, sanitized the phone, plugged it in and were shocked to discover it still worked.