If the thought of taking your kids shopping for new shoes or clothes fills you with dread, this mum’s genius hack might be the thing for you!

Instead of dragging them to the mall kicking and screaming – this mum takes a cardboard cut out of her kids foot size to ensure a perfect fit without the drama.

“When your kids have had a growth spurt and need new shoes but you don’t want to take them into the shops just yet.” she wrote on Facebook.

The response from fellow parents was huge and very positive

“Not alone there. I always do it as I can’t be [bothered] taking my six kids to get new shoes as they’ll want other things too,” one woman wrote. 

“I did this when I had to buy shoes for three boys who weren’t easy to take shopping!” added another.

“My mum used to do this to us using Manila folders, I thought she was nuts!” wrote someone else.

This is one hack that might definitely come in handy!