mum’s month-long meal planner for her family has been widely praised on social media.

The woman shared her hack on the Mums Who Cook, Clean and Organize Facebook group where it quickly went viral

“I color code all my meals, chicken, beef, pasta, slow cooker etc. That way I don’t put two in a row of the same protein” she wrote

“I have another spreadsheet of all the meals my family likes, and I use that as my guide.”

“I do one massive monthly shop but of course I still need to duck into town to grab fresh fruit and veg once a week.” she went on to say

People were quick to dub her a “cooking organization queen” online

“This is amazingly organized” wrote someone else.

“You are now crowned the cooking organization queen,” added another.

While someone else confessed “This is impressive. Bloody love a good excel sheet!”

While this hack seems to work wonders for her, if cooking a whole months’ worth of food or thinking that far ahead doesn’t tickle your fancy – this might not be the one for you!

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