Mum hilariously uses lettuce leaf to secretly eat treats around her kids

There’s nothing worse than when your kids discover your secret treat stash. But this mum has come up with a clever way to help avoid that! Come on mums we will always find the treats

Fed up of not being able to eat treats around her daughter without her asking for one, she came up with a genius idea. Using a lettuce leaf to mask her snack!

“The real reason why I buy lettuce. Hidden in plain sight. She doesn’t even notice me.” she wrote.

The simple hack was an instant hit with other parents…

“I honestly need to start doing this.” one person wrote.

“I’m guilty of making vomit noises as I eat yummy things I don’t want to share with my 1 and 4-year-old. Works a treat.” added another parent.

This is one trick worth trying out!!!!