Mayonnaise might be more than the best condiment ever! if this woman’s post is to be believed.

Writing on the ‘Home Cleaning Tips and Tricks’ Facebook group, she shared how mayo helped save her floor after she accidentally badly marked it with a steam mop.

‘So today I used a steam mop on my laminate floor it stained the floor I thought I would have to replace the floorboards despite popular belief that is not easy.” the woman wrote online.

” two women mentioned mayonnaise and a low temp iron it worked like a charm!”

She smeared some mayo on the stained area, placed a towel over it and then ironed the area!

“Ahhhh!! So glad the iron worked! Great job and thanks for showing us the after!” one woman said in response.

“Mayo? That’s crazy! I bet that works for a lot of things. I’ll have to try that!” another said excitedly.

We knew there was a reason why we loved mayo so much!