If you’ve been keeping up with the saga lately that is the Wiz vs Kanye Twitter feud  y’all will be well aware on how fast it all escalated.

Unfortunately, we’re not here to report it’s over. But rather, the shades just been thrown to a whole new level!

It’s reported that Wiz Khalifa played Kim Kardashian and Ray J’s SEX TAPE on stage during a LIVE concert in Chicago over the weekend.
The video was apparently played to over 30,000 people.
One concert goer has quoted Wiz saying: “Ray J’s d**k deserves an oscar for its performance.”
He then went on to say, “I would have left Ray J’s d**k out of it. If Kanye left out my kid.”
Ouch! We wonder if there’s an end coming soon to the ongoing bickering!