On September 27, the city of Paris decided to close most of its major streets in the center of the city in honor of “Une Journée Sans Voiture,” or “A Day Without Cars,” in order to combat pollution.

From 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., most streets, with the exception of a few main thoroughfares, were completely closed to motor vehicles. Streets that remained open were given a speed limit of about 20 mph for the day. The plan to go car-free was proposed as an effort for the city to clean up its air. Paris will also host the COP21 United Nations climate change conference in November.

Instead of driving, Parisians walked, biked, skateboarded or chose a number of other green transportation options for getting around the city.

Abandoned by cars, major avenues and landmarks were instead peppered with an incredible number of pedestrians. Paris looked very different for the day. Here is a comparison of how going car-free for a day changed the city in some major locations.





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