Traffic and Speed Limits Bylaw Review

After considering feedback on the proposed Traffic and Speed Limits Bylaw Review at its 5 April meeting, the Whakatāne District Council’s Policy Committee has decided that further revision of the draft bylaw is required. The Committee heard from eight submitters and also considered a number of written submissions. The Committee agreed to finalise the bylaw at its May meeting.

Climate Change Project update

An update on the Council’s Climate Change Action Plan project – which was initiated in December 2017 – outlined actions completed to inform the project’s future direction, and ensure that the anticipated outputs will align with the Council’s current strategic documents.

The project has two key focus areas – reduction (reducing the Council’s carbon emissions) and adaptation (considering how the District is likely to be affected by climate change and the necessary adaptive actions required).

Walking and Cycling plan progress

Outcomes of the Walking and Cycling Implementation Plan and the EBOP Cycle Strategy were also reported to last week’s Committee meeting. Committee members agreed to establish a Steering Group to review the strategy and progress various cycling opportunities within the District. The Steering Group will include Councillor Mike van der Boom and staff from various Council departments and will provide oversight of the Strategy and the Implementation Plan, and look into the future extension of the Mōtū Great Ride from Ōhiwa Harbour to the Whakatāne Airport. The group will engage with key stakeholders and interest groups in the development of the strategy, the implementation plan and any future walking and cycling assets in the District.

Committee approves Museum Collections Policy

The Policy Committee has approved a revised Museum Collections Policy. The Committee heard that the current Whakatāne Museum Collections Policy is outdated and contains references to governance structures and procedures that are no longer applicable to the current Museum operation. The revised policy clarifies processes to identify, approve and conduct acquisition and deaccession/disposal of collections materials. It also proposes the establishment of a Museum Collections Panel to oversee the accessioning and deaccessioning of items. This function was previously undertaken by the Museum Board, prior to its disestablishment in 2016. The Museum Collections Panel will be comprised of the Council’s Community Services General Manager, the Director, Museum and Arts and up to two professional or community representatives. It will meet as required to review pledges and gifted items, potential or recommended acquisitions, and material that might be considered for deaccessioning/disposal.