Water storage in the Whakatāne /Ōhope supply is holding but only just. With the Whakatāne River flow continuing to fall, salinity at the water treatment plant is becoming more of an issue each day, increasing our reliance on the emergency upriver intake to supply water for treatment. Usage has crept up over recent days, so consumers are asked to think about what they can do to reduce their water use, until the current dry spell ends. Our aim is to avoid the need for formal restrictions on hose or sprinkler use, but that will only work if our voluntary water conservation efforts are successful.

Some simple tips for reducing water usage include:

Bucket-wash cars or boats, if possible

Don’t refill or top-up swimming pools

If you know you have leaking taps, fix them now

If you see a leaking water line, report it to the Council as soon as possible

Flush toilets sparingly

Avoid using your bath and cut your shower time down as much as possible

While waiting for hot water to flow through to showers or taps, catch the unused water in a bucket for use in washing machines or for other purposes.

Appreciate your help with this.