A new scam effecting Apple customers is doing the rounds. If you receive a text message saying “Your Apple ID has expired,” do NOT click the link that comes with it.

This scam works to get people to type their usernames, passwords and other private details into the site.

What is so concerning about this hack is that the site (pictured below) looks like Apple’s actual site, so it’s easy to fall for.

The message people are receiving looks like this:

Graham Cluley, a Computer security expert, told the Metro: “A number of people have reported receiving a text message from ‘AppleInc’, claiming that their Apple IDs was about to expire – and urging them to click on a link if they wanted to keep it.

“Of course, the scammers have chosen their words carefully – making the message appear urgent to encourage as many people as possible to click on the link without properly considering the potential pitfalls.

“The phoney website pictured above is designed to grab your personal information and pass it straight on to online criminals. They could use those details to commit fraud, or sell your credentials on to other crooks on the computer underground.

“That’s obviously even worse news if you have made the mistake of reusing your passwords across the net.”

So we remind you to please be vigilant, and make your friends and family aware of this scam.