There’s a cure for blisters!

For all the advances in science and technology made in the last century we still seem to stuck with same simple first world problems.

There’s still no cure for the common cold, our conditioner always seems to run out before our shampoo. And we still have no scientifically proven way to avoid blisters.


And we’ve gotta say this one is.. well surprisingly simple.. like so simple we hope there wasn’t millions of dollars thrown into research to discover this.

Grant Lipman is an emergency medicine doctor and a team of his colleagues in emergency and sports medicine put their heads together and decided to test one method that seems a little too simple to be true..


Yep.. paper tape, the docs tried out using paper tape on a bunch of runners involved in ‘ultramarathons’

They taped up 109 feet and after these ‘ultramarathoners’ completed something the ast majority of us would get a doctor to write us a sick note to aoivd.. they found… 97 blisters—but only 28 of those were located in taped areas of the feet. Meaning this simple and inexpensive cheapo paper tape had blocked blisters in 74 percent of runners.

Who woulda thought something so simple could solve one of life’s major woes!