Four sisters from Auckland are on the hunt to find their mum a man!

Ashleigh, Hannah, Georgia and Kellie Habgood admit their mum is a bit embarrassed by their endeavour, but the girls are determined to find their “deserving of love” 60-year-old mum Jan, a fella.


“We are very protective of our mum,” the girls wrote on their blog. “But if you know someone who fits the bill or you yourself are interested, fill out your details and we will be in touch. Yep, it’s a bit scary. But there’s only one life people, and fear won’t get you anywhere.”

Ex-ski instructor and current teacher Jan separated from her partner, the girls’ father, 10 years ago.

In the pitch penned by her daughters, Jan is described as a woman who has travelled extensively, loves the outdoors, and movie nights in, and independent but loves time with friends and family.

You can find their Facebook page here.

In the meantime check out this hilarious video: