The final element of the Whakatāne District’s comprehensive bylaw review process has now been completed, with the adoption last week of the Parks and Reserves Bylaw 2018.

The bylaw came into force on 18 December and incorporates a number of changes to address submission points received through a community consultation process undertaken in October-November. These included additional clauses to make it clear that it would be a breach of the bylaw to harm any fauna in any Council park or reserve; and that the prohibition of vehicle use on reserves does not apply to people using mobility scooters or bicycles.

Clauses relating to vehicle safety on reserves where vehicle use is permitted were also amended to prohibit driving vehicles or motorcycles at speeds in excess of 20 kph; and requiring vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles to be used with care and attention and reasonable consideration for other users.

The new bylaw was adopted by the Whakatāne District Council at its meeting on 12 December, and is available for inspection on the Council’s website (