Media Release
Cyclone Cook to serve up high winds
Update 3 Wednesday 12 April 2017 4.50pm
Metservice have said that on top of heavy rain, severe gales with gusts of 150 km/h or more are possible for Bay of Plenty from late Thursday afternoon. This means that people need to prepare their properties for high winds by securing, or moving indoors, all items that could get blown about.
Clinton Naude, Group Controller for the Bay of Plenty, said people should be aware that this is a very significant event.
“Metservice have said widespread flooding, slips and wind damage is likely. Powerlines may be impacted and roofs lifted. Driving conditions are likely to be hazardous, so people will need to take extra care on the roads, and even consider altering their Thursday and Easter Friday travel plans,” he says.
“If throughout this event you are concerned or feeling unsafe, you should think about self-evacuating yourself and your pets to friends and family in other areas. Don’t wait for official warnings,” he says.
“If there is a need for further evacuations, warnings will be issued as soon as possible. For those who have returned to Edgecumbe these residents will be alerted by fire sirens and vehicle mounted sirens,” he says.
“We are aware of numerous slips in the western Bay already and high water levels for some lakes in the Rotorua area. By now we hope people have a household emergency plan in place, have taken actions to get prepared, have their phones charged and are keeping an eye or an ear out for updates,” said Mr Naude.
What you need to know:
NZ Transport Agency is reminding all road users to take extra care and always drive to the conditions. You can find out latest highway info at or for specific BOP updates.
Check with your local city or district council for locally specific information and assistance including local road closures. They are placing regular updates on their website and Facebook pages.
If authorities tell you to evacuate immediately, take your Getaway Kit and go, and don’t return until authorities advise it is safe. Follow your household plan, stay alert to hazards and keep listening to local radio for updates.
Call 111 if you require life threatening assistance.
If you haven’t already, and you live in coastal or low lying areas, move stock to higher ground immediately.
People should sign up for Bay of Plenty Civil Defence text alerts. See how at You can also follow for updates.
In an emergency the radio is your main source of information. See local frequencies at
For further media information, please contact the Duty Group Public Information Manager on 027 440 9528