Hang on a Minute Mate

On Stage 6th-16th September 2018

This adaptation from Barry Crump’s stories Hang On A Minute Mate and There and Back, tells the tale of young Jack, and his adventures on the road under the guidance of the larrikin Sam Cash. Along the way, we meet the characters and scenarios that anti-hero Sam “helps”, as well as those who may not have had such good things to say from their experiences.

Filled with plenty of humour, and very Kiwi characters, this version, written by NZ writer Anthony McCarten and directed by our very own John White, is being put on as part of NZ Theatre Month.

Cast list and Characters:
Steve McAdams – Sam Cash
Liam Dawson – Jack Lilburn
Colin Ridley – Ol
Emma Twigley – Betsy Cashd Jack
Simon Mees – Bob Sutton

Lorraine Millard – Alice WagnerKendra Lowndes – Shirl

Charlotte Haeusler – Lyn Wagner
Chrissy Sandison – Josie
Mark Howell – Car Salesman/Judge
Srini Twigley – Man/Traffic Cop/Tony
Tim Andrews – Tom Bine
Simon Charters – Dan Harshorne/Old Fred/Voice of God