Each year over 4000 Kiwis are diagnosed with melanoma in New Zealand, that’s around 13 people every day. To support those affected and help raise awareness, Melanoma Awareness Week is proud to present Go Spotty Day.The nationwide event fittingly kicks off on Friday 19th as we head into Labour Weekend, a line in the sand that we Kiwis often use to mark the start of summer. Just like birthdays, Go Spotty Day will make the most of its time in the sun and take place for an entire week, running through until Friday 26th of October.

To get on board with the day, people can encourage their school, workplace or group of friends to get spotted! They can wear something spotty, create a spot of art or make a donation, then post their support with the hashtag #gotspotty. Donations will help to promote early detection and educate the public about how to stay protected.

With 4000 Kiwis being diagnosed with melanoma each year, that’s around 13 people everyday. Being the most serious type of skin cancer,  Go Spotty Day aims to support those affected, help raise awareness and get to know the skin you’re in.

If you would like to discuss this further, Medical Oncologist and Melanoma New Zealand Trustee Dr. Rosalie Stephens is available for interviews.