The job to be boss of town is up for grabs; we don’t have much experience in politics or serious news at all however this is what we know –
• Sitting Mayor Tony Bonne has confirmed he will stand again at the October elections.
• Whakatane businesswoman Julie Jukes is trying again for the mayoralty.
• The third contender has only been described as a high-profile businessman and will reveal his identity closer to the election.
Obviously, we all agree politics are awfully boring and mundane so the real fun is wildly speculating who this ‘mystery man’ is.
We’ve thrown out some guesses, are we close? Probably not..



Tama Iti:

  • Tūhoe Māori activist
  • Snazzy dresser
  • Not as tall as you expect him to be

Jullian Dennison
• Hilarious young actor
• Totally skux
• Could introduce us to Sam Neil


Carlos Hunia

  • Reportedly a radio host
  • Leaves a funny smell in the studio most days
  • Would make downloading movies legal in Whakatane