Ōpōtiki District Council has released an information document on the 2019-20 Annual Plan Your assets, your community, your future – our plan in action.  The documentshows what rates are expected to be and tells how we plan to progress our major projects for the 2019-20 year.

Ōpōtiki Deputy Mayor Lyn Riesterer said the 2018-28 Long Term Plan (LTP) was consulted on extensively and Council is happy with the strong foundation that has been built with the plan.  “Council intends to stick with the programme of work and levels of service set for year two of the plan with only a few minor differences.”

“This is good news as it means we don’t need to run a formal consultation process or produce a draft Annual Plan. This provides cost savings for our ratepayers.”

Deputy Mayor Riesterer is keen to point out that even though Council is not holding a formal hearing and submission process for the 2019-20 Annual Plan, they are still keen to receive feedback which can then be put forward and considered when making decisions on future plans.

“We would like to grow a culture of ‘year-round’ consultation in Ōpōtiki, where the community feel they can share their views and provide feedback at any time and on any aspect of Council business. Once people have read the information document we encourage them to put forward concerns or positive endorsements through the available channels. The Consultation page on our website lists a range of ways our community can have a voice in the Council decision making process.”

A copy of the information document and a link to an online feedback form can be found at www.odc.govt.nz/draftannualplan.  Hard copies are available from Council’s office at 108 St John Street, Ōpōtiki, the Ōpōtiki District Library and the Ōpōtiki i-SITE and can be posted out on request by emailing info@odc.govt.nz. The 2019-20 Annual Plan will be adopted by 30 June 2019 and become operative from 1 July 2019.

The Ōpōtiki District Council 2019-20 Annual Plan numbers:

§  $24.7 million – Debt – A decrease of $4 million for LTP forecast

§  $14.2 million – Operating Funding – similar to 14.7 million as forecast in LTP

§  $31.2 million – Capital expenditure – as budgeted in the LTP

§  $15.9 million – Operating expenditure – minor change from $15.3 million as forecast in LTP